Fetcho Family | Day In The Life

This was a really full Day In The Life session. Friday evening we had dinner with one set of grandparents, we went back to the Fetcho home where I stayed over, Saturday we went to the park and grocery store, then the other set of grandparents came over for dinner. I was with them for more than twenty-four hours. All of that time gave me lots of opportunities to make photos that show what life is like for this young family right now. What I noticed that I tried to capture is how crazy and exhausting and fun things are with a four and a two year old. I also noticed how the important family is to the parents and that by being very sweet yet firm they have made the rules very clear. The boys tested boundaries like typical kids, but there were very few tears and the older of the two felt confident in taking on responsibilities such as helping with his little brother. I love getting to spend so much time with the people I photograph so that I can observe and listen and make photos that are meaningful to them.