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Fetcho Family | Day In The Life

This was a really full Day In The Life session. Friday evening we had dinner with one set of grandparents, we went back to the Fetcho home where I stayed over, Saturday we went to the park and grocery store, then the other set of grandparents came over for dinner. I was with them for more than twenty-four hours. All of that time gave me lots of opportunities to make photos that show what life is like for this young family right now. What I noticed that I tried to capture is how crazy and exhausting and fun things are with a four and a two year old. I also noticed how the important family is to the parents and that by being very sweet yet firm they have made the rules very clear. The boys tested boundaries like typical kids, but there were very few tears and the older of the two felt confident in taking on responsibilities such as helping with his little brother. I love getting to spend so much time with the people I photograph so that I can observe and listen and make photos that are meaningful to them.

Sophia & Chris | Wedding

The thing that stood out about Sophia and Chris's wedding was how happy their families are for them. There was so much outward joy in the celebration. Everyone danced together and took turns holding and doting on the many babies. The moments and emotion were not hard to capture on this day.

Malatesta Family Portrait

When you get a bunch of kids together, in this case a bunch of cousins who live several states apart and are therefore all keyed up when they get to see each other, they just let loose. This is good news for me since the kids have never met me before and all of a sudden I'm sticking a camera in their faces. Once we got the nice and neat formal portraits they quickly forgot about me and just played. I spent a couple of hours with them. I got to see what each kid's personality was like. They cycled through silliness and tantrums. In the end the families will walk away with not just a pretty portrait of them all together on their vacation, but also documentation of what these kids are like at this point in time.

Spellman Family | Day In The Life

Amy and Patrick lived in Lancaster, PA before having their daughter, Calla, and knew that they would some day settle down there. They had just about enough time to unpack their new home before I spent the weekend to shoot their Day In The Life. With all of their favorite things within walking distance (close friends down the street, the country's oldest farmer's market, the dog park, the list goes on...) I got to see what drew them back to this quaint city. During some of the quieter moments Calla "helped" Patrick play guitar and played with Amy as she got dinner together. Amy mentioned that since having Calla all attention goes to her and the pets don't get much attention, which I thought was funny because I saw their cat and dog insert themselves into practically every activity I witnessed. It was truly a pleasure to capture the story of the Spellman family.

Katie & Max | Wedding

Katie and Max could not have had a more beautiful day for their wedding! The Women's Club of Glenridge in New Jersey had everything from ornate old architecture with dramatic indoor light to lush, sunny gardens in every corner of the property. Then once the sun went down the celebration really got going!